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Diversifying beyond public securities includes direct investments in private companies, private credit/lending, and other opportunistic alternative investments, all thoughtfully curated by our senior investment committee

We go to great lengths to identify rare and unique investment opportunities in private companies and then make our highest conviction ideas available to our clients.

We have capabilities across all assets and sectors, but have a special focus on software and technology companies. We believe that, regardless of the industry in which a company operates, technological disruption will drive future economic growth. We recognize our clients must participate in economic growth through their investment portfolios, and we find the most powerful growth stories in the private markets. Some of the best value can also be found in private markets, where credit or market risk premiums can be replaced with illiquidity premiums that are more palatable to the qualified, high net worth investor and may reduce perceived volatility.

To source these opportunities, we leverage our vast network built over decades in the business. We then carefully evaluate each opportunity to determine which makes the most sense for each of our clients, often working in partnership with specialized managers to structure investments in ways that advantage our clients and better align interests.

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