Services Provided

Services_05Hollencrest provides a broad and robust range of services to meet your unique objectives. Each portfolio is tailored to the specific risk/return profile, income requirement, investment experience, and tax exposure of the individual investor, and may draw upon one or more of the categories shown.

Services_16Wealth Management

Risk management and assessment.

  • Sometimes clients come to us because they don’t understand the risks that are already inherent in their portfolios.
  • We help them to measure and quantify these risks, determine if the risks are consistent with their tolerance and determine if they have been properly compensated for taking the risks.

Portfolio design.

  • Which investments offer our clients the best chances of meeting their own unique investment goals and objectives?
  • What is the most effective way to construct, manage and monitor that portfolio?
  • When do we hire active managers and when do we index?

Strategic Planning.

  • How can our clients transition their assets to successive generations most efficiently?
  • How can our clients maximize tax efficiency?
  • Retirement planning.
  • Managing philanthropy and gifting strategies.

Consulting Services

Evaluating one-off and private placement investment opportunities for our clients.

  • Helping our clients say “No”
    when they need to say “No”!

Reviewing outside managers for our clients.

  • Measuring fees, assessing style, determining proper allocations.

Coordinating financial reporting to ensure that our clients avoid redundancies on assets held away from Hollencrest.

Services for the Ultra Affluent

Strategic advice on acquiring assets.

  • Valuation services.
  • Negotiating services.
  • Properly structuring transactions.

Structuring and running family meetings.

  • Helping to define the family’s core values.
  • Teaching subsequent generations about the responsibilities that come with wealth.
  • Motivating and inspiring second and third generation family members.

Succession Issues

  • Identifying, mentoring and coaching successor leaders.
  • Managing issues of equality/ fairness among working and non-working family members.

Exit Strategies for the Business Owner